Charna is currently directing her energy towards writing a book, but upon exception may be available for sessions in Oakland. Scheduling will happen directly with Charna. Please call 415 999-2422 or email her at to find out what is available.

The ideal protocol, recommended by the inventors of the Lucia, is 6 sessions for permanent nervous system change, every 2-3 days. Continued sessions have ever evolving benefits. Once we are fully staffed again keep this in mind when booking. 

50 minutes $120
This gives us time to determine what level is right for you, 30-40 minutes under the light and time to check-in afterwards.

Three 25 minute $170 or three 50 minute $340
If you need a financial break and still prefer consistent tune ups the minute package is your choice. You can only buy this after your initial full length session.

Six 25-minute $340 or six 50-min. $690
You see value in coming on a regular basis. If you prefer the full spacious arch of a longer journey and time to process afterwards the 60                                                                                   minutes is right for you.

  • 3 pack of 25-minute sessions -$170
  • 3 pack of 50-minute sessions- $340
  • 6 pack of 25-minute sessions- $340
  • 6 pack of 50-minute sessions- $690

Please Read Informed Consent before Booking.

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