When you have a transformative experience or profound meditative experience, a new neural pathway is created. If you repeat this practice, the neural pathway is reinforced, otherwise it fades in 2 weeks.  The Lucia inventors suggest that 6 sessions, every 2-3 days is the ideal protocol for permanent nervous system change. Many clients do report benefits that last from less frequent sessions. Continued sessions have ever evolving benefits. 

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50 minutes $120
This gives us time to do a few shorter sessions to assess what level of light is right for you, as well as a longer session under the light and time to check-in afterwards.

Three 25 minute $170 or three 50 minute $340
If you need a financial break and still prefer consistent tune ups the minute package is your choice. You can only buy this after your initial full length session.

Six 25-minute $340 or six 50-min. $690
You see value in coming on a regular basis. If you prefer the full spacious arch of a longer                                                                                          journey and time to process afterwards the 60                                                                                      minutes is right for you.

A 50 minute session is required for the first three session. After that there is the option to come in for shorter sessions if desired.Some people need more verbal integration time while others prefer more light. If you know you are someone who prefers a lot of integration time and also want a good amount of time under the light., double sessions are a possible option.

  • 3 pack of 25-minute sessions -$170
  • 3 pack of 50-minute sessions- $340
  • 6 pack of 25-minute sessions- $340
  • 6 pack of 50-minute sessions- $690

Please Read Informed Consent before Booking.

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